Chilled New Zealand Lamb Rack Frenched Cap Off(Rack Of 2) (Original $305/pack)

New Zealand sheep are grass-fed sheep. The meat is soft and tender, rich in flavor, moderate in fat content, and not too stinky. The excess fat and cartilage has been trimmed off the lamb rack. You can easily cut it with a knife, just sprinkle salt and herbs. It is recommended to put it in the oven or cut it into pieces for frying. You can taste the tender and juicy natural taste of the lamb rack with simple cooking! How to eat: After thawing, season with salt, pepper, herbs, etc., put it in the oven, BBQ or fry, it is convenient and delicious!

Chilled products

Rack of 2,  Approx. 700-900g/pack

280.00 HKD
280.00 HKD / 1 pcs