Chilled USA CAB Striploin 1kg order

西冷位於牛後腰脊柱兩側的肉, 此部位靠近腿部之運動肌肉,油花較少,但肉質嫩度適中,適合製作牛扒。

*1 - 2 working days will be required (for processing) before delivery*

CAB (Certified Angus Beef)

Nice Marbling and Texture .

100% Chilled Meat Material

Order this 1kg Load(Original $420/KG), one of the following packing method can be selected:

1) 250g x 4pack (Skinned Pack)

2) 500g x 2pack (Skinned Pack)

3) 1kg (Vacuum Pack)

400.00 HKD
400.00 HKD / 1 kg