Chilled Australia Wagyu M9 Ribeye 1kg order (Original $800/order)


*1 - 2 working days will be required (for processing) before delivery*

Proudly supplying "Wagyu" Australia M9 MBS Grade

An Australian Wagyu beef that has been improved by Japanese wagyu breeding and has been researched for many years. Compared with other beef, Wagyu beef is tender, juicy, and rich in oil. It is definitely the top Wagyu beef brand in Australia.

100% Chilled Meat Material

Order this 1kg Load (Original ~$900/kg), one of the following packing method can be selected:

1) 250g x 4pack (Skinned Pack)

2) 500g x 2pack (Skinned Pack)

3) 1kg (Vacuum Pack)

650.00 HKD
650.00 HKD / 1 kg